Digital Blue

Digital Blue

Digital Business Models for an Analog Industry

Digitization poses major challenges for numerous industries and companies. They have to keep up to date with new developments such as big data, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence while their established business models undergo enormous change, in some cases, due to the arrival of new, disruptive competitors. There is no shortage of examples: Airbnb in the hospitality sector, Amazon in the retail sector and Uber as a competitor to the traditional taxi industry, to name but a few.

However, digitization also offers opportunities and opens up entirely new possibilities – even in the complex and, by its very nature, highly ‘analog’ real estate industry, as can be seen from the constantly increasing number of PropTech start-ups. Armed with its own digital tools and business models, Drees & Sommer is driving forward with disruptive changes itself, and is helping its clients use digitization to their advantage.

Using and Benefiting from Digital Evaluation

Asset Check from Drees & Sommer and bulwiengesa allows interested parties to carry out a quick and cost-effective initial evaluation of any property – including properties in non-typical investment locations. Users enter key indicators relating to their building and are then given an overview of all real estate and market-related data in the form of benchmarks. What makes this service unique is that, thanks to the cooperation between the two companies, each of which is a market leader in its own field, the interdependent effect of the data (which had been collected separately so far) can now be observed clearly.

The digital tool was designed for universal use, is available online and optimized for use on mobile devices. At the push of a button, the in-depth initial evaluation provides all the relevant data needed to make successful decisions.

Check it out for yourself:

Das digitale Tool ist mobiloptimiert online verfügbar und wurde für den universellen Einsatz entworfen. Die fundierte Ersteinschätzung liefert auf Knopfdruck alle relevanten Daten, um erfolgreiche Entscheidungen zu treffen.

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