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THE BLUE WAY next exit

‘THE BLUE WAY next exit’ – the premiere of the Drees & Sommer anniversary film 

Gridlocked inner cities. A concrete jungle. A young woman on a skateboard. The company founder in an elevator. Thousands of bubbles. A wide range of different characters. After a first viewing, you can remember various scenes, as well as what Drees & Sommer stands for, namely the creation of a livable world for coming generations. 

Overcoming differences to create a better world with ‘the blue way’ 

The film titled ‘THE BLUE WAY next exit’ is being released to celebrate Drees & Sommer’s anniversary year. But instead of looking back on the company’s success over the past 50 years, the film looks forward. Tradition and future, nature and design, industry and art: Employees overcome these differences in their daily work. In the film, it is the protagonists who do this – above all the main character – a young woman who, even as a child, imagines a better world and acts accordingly. The goal: To jointly create a world we enjoy living in and that we can pass on to future generations – such as our grandchildren – with a clear conscience.

The coronavirus has forced many people to pause and ponder what makes our world worth living in. Even though the idea for the film was conceived long before the coronavirus, the ideas it conveys have only become more important.