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Smart Campus Wiener Netze

The Austrian network operator Wiener Netze GmbH is building its new corporate headquarters in Simmering, Vienna. The new headquarters of Wiener Netze GmbH comprises offices, communication zones, workshops, test laboratories, warehouses, and a vehicle workshop.1,400 employees are scheduled to move into their new offices in mid 2016. In consortium with the Austrian company Delta Baumanagement GmbH, Drees & Sommer has been supporting Wiener Netze with its ambitious project since 2012. So far, Drees & Sommer has achieved or even exceeded project goals.

Additional value

  • World’s largest passive house right on schedule

Project data


Wiener Netze GmbH, Vienna


Vienna, Austria

Project duration:

October 2011 – June 2016


Holzbauer & Partner, Vienna


100,000 m²

Total project cost:

€ 200 million



Individual services

  • Project Organsization
  • Cost, Schedule and Quality Controlling
  • Cost, Schedule and Contract Management
  • CostMonitor
  • Building Services Equipment Consulting for Quality Assurance

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