Fit For The Future: Austrian Sports Club CASHPOINT SCR Altach Plans New Arena

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Aerial photos of VORARLBERG ARENA and the surrounding area

Aerial photos of VORARLBERG ARENA and the surrounding area

Austrian Bundesliga soccer club Cashpoint Sportclub Rheindorf Altach (abbreviated to SCRA) plans to meet its future sporting challenges in a new sports complex. Working in conjunction with Sports Destination Alliance (SDA), an international network of stadium-project experts, the Club is seeking to develop a destination concept by the end of the year for its new Vorarlberg Arena. Drees & Sommer is a member of the Alliance and is providing master-planning support for the project.

Drawing on their comprehensive knowledge of how to develop innovative, integrated stadium concepts, the SDA experts network is working with the Vorarlberg-based sports club on their plan to create an economically robust sports destination. The SDA’s master plan is aimed at generating increasing spectator numbers, creating a better stadium experience, and ensuring the rational use of the Vorarlberg Arena on non-match days. The idea behind the mixed use principle is to generate as much added value as possible for the club.

The international network of experts is taking a wide range of potential complementary uses into account when drafting their master plan. Examples include training, conference and event centers, entertainment and attractions, visitor worlds, hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and health-care facilities. They are also looking into other ideas such as eSports and free climbing, as well as using buildings to provide residential accommodation and office space. Drees & Sommer is responsible within the overall master plan for the structural analysis of the location and of local basic factors. These include the plot situation, environmental and usage structures, transportation accessibility, planning-law feasibility, site potential and possible revenue potential, the development and authorization situation, urban planning status, and site development marketability.