Hammerbrooklyn Digital Campus: Campus of the Future is Being Built in Hamburg

The new campus of the future is being developed in Hamburg’s Hammerbrook district

The Hammerbrooklyn.DigitalCampus is being developed into a pioneer in the field of digital transformation and innovation. Starting from the beginning of 2019, corporations, startups and creative minds will aim at taking an active role in shaping the profound impact of the digital transformation on society and the economy. Drees & Sommer is advising on the project in relation to digitization and is providing support with project control.

In an innovative working environment users will share ideas on business, urban development, mobility, working, living, trade and Industry 4.0. ‘Through the Hammerbrooklyn.DigitalCampus, we wish to create a place where stakeholders from business, science and society can work together and learn from each other, in a collaborative, interdisciplinary and experimental spirit. By doing so, we are promoting the development of digital innovations with social relevance’, explained Mathias Müller-Using. In addition to Dr. Torsten-Jörn Klein and Johannes Lichtenthaler, he is one of the founding partners.

Digital Pavilion As Customized Smart Building

The campus will provide two buildings with a total floor space of 10,400 square meters. By 2027 a further 40,000 square meters will be added. The partner for realization is Art-Invest Real Estate. As a founding partner, Art-Invest performs the planning, project development and arranges the investments for creation. The center of the site is the Digital Pavilion, the former US American Pavilion at the World EXPO in 2015. It is planned as a customized smart building.  ‘It is only when digital technologies are used in the right way in buildings that we get an improvement in functions and processes, and greater user friendliness. For this purpose, together we have examined the requirements for digitization and established a number of digitization components ’, explained Klaus Dederichs, head of ICT at Drees & Sommer.